Cave 10

Cave 10 is a Northern Qi cave that is just west of the colossal sculptures and wooden structure of Cave 9. It is accessible through an opening in the east wall adjacent to Cave 9. The entrance porch is now high above path in front of the cave. Still partially preserved on the west side, it has one large pillar remaining on the west side. The entrance porch has two guardian figures standing outside, one of which mostly remains. Like the other caves of the Northern Qi period at Tianlongshan, this is one of the larger caves, its interior a square chamber more than three meters on each side with figures carved on four walls. There are recessed niches on the back and side walls that contain most of the principle sculptural images. Smaller figures of musicians and lions appear along the front of the low altar.

Cave 10 exterior. One of the columns of the porch and one guardian figure are still preserved.

Tianlongshan Cave 10 exterior 2

Cave 10 exterior. There is a Tang dynasty niche with a seated Buddha added to the east side of the porch.

Tianlongshan Cave 10 exterior 1

Cave 10 interior, back (north) wall. The niche has two seated figures, the Buddhas Sakyamuni and Prabhutaratna.

Tianlongshan Cave 10 back north wall 1

Cave 10 northeast corner showing opening leading to Cave 9.

Tianlongshan Cave 10 back north wall 2

Cave 10 east wall. The main image in the niche is the bodhisattva Maitreya seated with ankles crossed.

Tianlongshan Cave 10 right east wall 1

Cave 10 southeast corner. The disciple figure in the niche mostly remains though the bodhisattva standing beside has been removed. Traces of a phoenix appear at the top of the column at the side of the niche. Traces of a guardian figure holding a trident appear on the south wall beside the entrance.

Tianlongshan Cave 10 right east wall 3

Cave 10 west wall. The niche contains a seated Buddha with two disciples and two bodhisattvas. The figures of heavenly musicians remain at the front of the altar below the main images are heavily eroded. Pieces of stone and sculptural fragments have been used to fill the large crack on the right side of the niche.

Tianlongshan Cave 10 left west wall 3

Cave 10 southwest corner. On the south (front) wall there are traces of a guardian figure holding a trident.

Tianlongshan Cave 10 front south wall

Historical photo, Cave 10 east wall, showing the bodhisattva's original head and the attendant figures still intact.

Historical photo, Cave 10 west wall. The attendant figures are intact, but the heavenly musicians are buried in the sand accumulated on the floor of the cave.